#48 – The Push Principle – Recorded 8/19/07

Right now, we’re like a show that just had its season finale and hasn’t heard yet if it’s going to come back for another one. We don’t expect that anyone’s going to be sending letters or peanuts or postcards or whatever the equivalent would be for us. (But then, this never was really about you, was it?)

But let’s not dwell on that too much. The new TV season will come and we’ll be back or we won’t. But that doesn’t have anything to do with this show. It exists independent of all of that.

We get to Scott Baio Is 45 And Single and are fine with not having to ever go back to it. The respective ends of John From Cincinnati and Hell’s Kitchen aren’t exactly the finales we would have chosen to parallel ours, but seriously, we’ll take them however we can get them. The rest (Entourage, Flight of the Conchords, My Boys, Weeds, On the Lot, Greek, Top Chef, Mad Men and Psych) will have to soldier on without us. I hope they’ll be okay.

See you in September…?

#47 – Victimology – Recorded 8-12-07

Apparently, two weeks wasn’t time enough away. Or perhaps is was too much? Either way, this week feels a little like we’re preparing our living will. But don’t allow that to impair your ability to join the discussion.

There’s a little bit of catching up to do, with the finales of DeGrassi and the beleaguered Next Food Network Star having come at an inopportune time. Saving Grace, however, couldn’t have timed things better. John From Cincinnati will have to wait another painfully pretentious week, and Damages, Eureka and Burn Notice may never be heard from again (or at all), but Entourage, Flight of the Conchords, Hell’s Kitchen, Greek, My Boys, On the Lot, Top Chef, Mad Men and Psych are all apparently important enough to make the show. And thanks to Showtime there’s Californication, which at the time felt like we were ahead of the game. But at this point, it barely qualifies as timely.

Tangents II

amy.jpgOnce again, rather than go dark for a week (or two) this is a collection of deleted bits from previous shows (specifically episodes 36-46.) Once again, don’t start here if you’re new, and once again, there’s no point to trying to tell you what you’ll hear about because it’s a variety of subjects ranging from stuff you’d think belonged in a regular show (The World Series Of Pop Culture) to stuff that clearly doesn’t (Once) to stuff that might not belong anywhere anymore (the Western genre) which was probably the reason it was cut in the first place.

Oh yeah, and here’s the link to that Onion article Jack sent us.

#46 – Pulling Up Stakes – Recorded 7-22-07

greek3.jpgSince Hilary won’t be around for a couple weeks and can’t quit TV cold turkey, she decided to exit gradually by not watching Burn Notice, the premiere of Side Order Of Life and the finale of Traveler.  Even so, there was still apparently too much leftover this week.  John From Cincinnati can’t get its act(ing) together, The Next Food Network Star can’t do a simple background check, State Of Mind can’t stop daydreaming, Entourage just can’t stop, Flight Of The Conchords can’t stop copying itself, Hell’s Kitchen can’t remember it’s a gameshow, Greek can’t possibly be this good (right?), On The Lot can’t pretend women can direct, Euerka can’t take itself seriously, Top Chef can’t maintain friendships, Mad Men can’t stop shocking us with things we already know, DeGrassi can’t stop going there, Standoff can’t even get a decent farewell from us and Psych can’t be a better way to end the week.

This is what happens when you decide to try to watch most of what’s on TV in a year.

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This actually is our Emmy post.

Below the cut, Darwin and I offer our takes on the Emmy nominations, which were announced today.

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#45 – Iconoclasm – Recorded 7-15-07

amy.jpgIt’s what you’ve all been waiting for. This week, we get in a big, fat fight. Sort of. The more Darwin yells, the more I giggle. Riveting. But still, what is it with religion on TV? Discussions like this could be what David Milch had in mind when he created John From Cincinnati. But in other news, The Next Food Network Star is welcomed warmly, especially compared to still trying to talk about Entourage. While On the Lot and Hell’s Kitchen are regulars now, whether we like it or not, we’re still testing Greek and Eureka to see what we think. (Or at least I am.) Traveler and Top Chef return, Burn Notice continues its slide into nothingness and Degrassi and Standoff continue to be awesome. And then there was Psych, the happiest way to the end the week…