#2 – Short-Term Memory – Recorded 11-2-06

The good news is that we’re on much more equal footing in terms of sound. The bad news is Darwin did all his homework, and I didn’t even remember that there were assignments. We discuss the return of House and Standoff as well as Prison Break, the America’s Next Top Model Doritos-sponsored clip show, The Unit, more Heroes, The Amazing Race… and Brothers & Sisters, though only vaguely.


4 responses to “#2 – Short-Term Memory – Recorded 11-2-06

  1. Re: Shows you mentioned.

    CSI is great for a show to watch casually. They’re ramping up the serial, soapy aspects of the show this season, but it’s your basic crime (or two)-a-week procedural. I never watched Law and Order, but I understand it has that appeal. CSI Miami is only good if you want to watch bad TV on purpose. It is so bad it’s good.

    Both of ’em are syndicated. You could sample pre-Liev original recipe by finding an airing on Spike.

  2. Shoot, that was meant to be a comment on episode 1. I haven’t found time to listen to episode 2 yet.

  3. Steve! I can’t believe you listened all the way to the C.S.I. part of that episode. Amazing.

    I’m generally drawn to more serialized shows, especially over procedurals, which is why C.S.I. never interested me so much. Though obviously the more serials there are, and that I watch, the more screwed I am. You can’t miss episodes. So maybe it’s time to go the C.S.I. way. I’d always thought I’d just start Netflixing them one day, but… well, given how underutilized my Netflix subscription is, that’s kind of a joke.

  4. Elizabeth had a mild CSI obsession last year. Because of its low level of continuing plotlines*, it’s pretty easy to jump in anywhere. (And then sometimes you can find a marathon on basic cable or a local station.)

    In all its years of airing, the biggest changes have been:
    – Gil Grissom grows a beard a couple of seasons back and then he shaved it off this season.
    – The team splits into Night and Day shifts, adds a couple of members, and then pretty much merges back together.
    – Greg starts out as a lab tech and eventually goes out into the field.

    Law and Order reruns have a similar appeal. The cast changes and there’s some minimal character development, but it’s reliable. And relatively self-contained.

    *We’ve only watched the first couple of episodes of this season, so I don’t know how much it has changed.

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