#3 – Application Unexpectedly Quit – Recorded 11-9-06

gg.jpgSo the third episode is done… and even a little bit shorter. We got off to a rough (or rougher than normal) start because of technical problems and had to rerecord the opening, which prompted me to suffer from my first case of podcast fright. For some reason, knowing what I had to say made it impossible to say it. I think I come from the school of the less prepared I am, the less I can worry.

Or maybe it’s that there are like four people who might end up listening? For them, I propose a new game: How many things did I get wrong this week? Factually, I mean. I’m sure there are Jennifer Love Hewitt fans who aren’t on board with my opinion of her. But I’m known to misidentify people, get titles backward, etc. And there’s definitely at least one false statement I made this episode. Find it and win?

So anyways. Enjoy as we ramble on about how Christopher took his cues from the NBC/Heroes narrator and decided to tell us not only what he was thinking, but why and how and where and to what extent. And if you’re interested, this is The New York Times article about Gilmore Girls we mentioned.


4 responses to “#3 – Application Unexpectedly Quit – Recorded 11-9-06

  1. A- Do you all usually talk about Top Chef- I can’t remember from the first two episodes. If not, you should. And if you do, then why not this time.

    2- Asking the writers of Ghost Whisperer not to treat you like idiots is like, well, you know.

    D- Even with so much money, how did Christopher get a reservation for so many people at the supposedly fancy restaurant at lunchtime? The invite to the YDN staff was impromptu, so did they all just show up? Stuff like this bothers me for some unknow reason.

    That is all. Oh, and maybe someday you can have Darwin be as loud as Hil, and then maybe have the whole thing recorded louder so that I don’t have to turn my computer and iTunes volume all the way to 11 to just kinda hear you all well.


  2. A – We don’t talk about it usually, since Darwin doesn’t watch it. Though I suppose if it made my highlight of the week, I could. I’ve enjoyed the season so far, but I’m sort of waiting for people to settle into themselves. So far no one has surpassed the awesomeness of Harold.

    2 – At this point, I suspect Darwin doesn’t want Ghost Whisperer’s writers to change a thing. And neither do I. Imagine if it got good and I had to watch it?

    D – I would assume even more money would buy him a reservation? Or since it was lunch? I dunno.

    And yes, sound. We’re getting there. Promise. It’s partially my fault, because I never really told Darwin that it was coming into iTunes really quietly… so we’ll definitely have that part worked out. I think my voice always comes in more clearly though for whatever reason. General girliness, I’d guess.

  3. I like the shows covered on this podcast and wish to continue to listen to it. Which is why I implore you to do something about the sound quality. Listening to it on my ipod I have to have it up really loud to hear Darwin, whose comments are the ones worth listening to, and then am subjected to a barrage of overly self-opininiated irritating interjections from Hilary who unfortunately seems to think that she is witty and humerous, when really she is just way too loud. Please, Darwin – louder, Hilary – softer (or better still, off).

  4. Well, we (by which I mean Darwin) at least fixed the sound issue on the new episodes…

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