#4 & #5 – A New Low (Parts I & II) – Recorded 11-17-06

Ozzy is celebrated by whoever it is apparently lives on the Cook Islands.This isn’t what you all meant by shorter, is it? Sorry. Midway through recording, we decided to maybe try to break the episodes into more digestible pieces by show, but it didn’t really work out that way. Something to strive for, I guess. Like watching all those episodes of Brothers & Sisters and The Unit I have saved.

Darwin, for his part, was successful at getting the sound issues worked out. So, in Part One, in addition to our highs and lows, you can actually hear us discuss Heroes, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, House and Survivor. And in Part Two, we cover The Amazing Race, America’s Next Top Model, Standoff, Prison Break and Gilmore Girls. Next week? I make amends.

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