One week, three new episodes. We’re very giving.

As part of our continuing effort to somehow make this podcast listenable, we tried yet another format and grouped this week’s discussion into three different sections: reality shows (episode #6 – Sacrifices), TV we wish we weren’t watching (#7 – Family Viewing) and the TV we ostensibly like (#8 – Geography Lessons). All three were recorded on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, or the last Sunday of sweeps, for those who define their holiday season that way.

It was a stellar week for reality TV, and we picked apart a terribly exciting Survivor, the second part of a long-ass leg of The Amazing Race and another perfectly awkward America’s Next Top Model, as well as Top Chef. (That’s for you, Tricia! Actually, Darwin just managed to watch a marathon on Bravo and catch up. And I don’t mean “managed.” It’s more miraculous to turn on Bravo and watch something that’ll only air once.) Oh, and #6 also has our Highs & Lows.

Jennifer Love Hewitt brings many assets to Ghost Whisperer.And while at this point it can’t be a surprise that we’re not totally in love with Heroes, 3 lbs. or Ghost Whisperer, we finally (okay, I finally) caught up enough to discuss Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty in #7… Can good actors save bad shows? And I’m definitely not referring to Jennifer Love Hewitt. (I’d have mentioned her clothes instead.)

But there is redemption… Gilmore Girls was actually good this week. Like genuinely good. We also covered House, Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother and The Class. And if you’re wondering how to get to Princeton/Plainsboro Hospital from downtown Philly, #8 can help you out there too.


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