Four episodes, two guys and a girl and only one major technical problem.

On Sunday we had our very first podcast guest, Ryan, who is purportedly an expert in TV procedurals. Though it became pretty clear that he was really there to let Darwin talk about the shows I haven’t deigned to watch, specifically Jericho and Daybreak. Here’s the breakdown of what’s in each episode:

#9 – Re-Run: Includes discussion of Shark, Jericho and Daybreak and the worst single introduction to a guest anyone has ever recorded in any format.

#10 – Boys Against Girl: Darwin and Ryan don’t hate girls, just girls that aren’t funny. So only most of them. I kid. Though not well. Because, you know, I’m a girl. Anyways. We discuss sitcoms including The Class, How I Met Your Mother, 10 Items or Less, My Boys, Scrubs and 30 Rock. If anyone listening can help me defend why having Tina Fey sing along to “Annie” was funny, please chime in.

#11 – Medical Conditions: Ryan, Darwin and I go through some regular fare, including Friday Night Lights, Standoff, Prison Break and House, as well as new additions e.r. and The Unit. One of these shows prompts a tiny bit of singing.

taylors.jpg#12 – Hypothesis: Ryan finally abandons us, choosing football over the discussion of shows he doesn’t watch, which ironically are still some of the best of the week: Gilmore Girls, Survivor, America’s Next Top Model and The Amazing Race.

As the holidays get closer, we’ll still be recording and taking on whatever’s new. You could hope that would mean these will get shorter, but that feels like an exercise in futility. Like thinking Heroes will suddenly get nuanced. Or that Lyn will just up and abandon Karlyn. Enjoy the ANTM finale tonight! (Go CariDee!)

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