Longer Than the America’s Next Top Finale, Shorter Than Heroes Felt

standoffginatorres.jpgIt was supposed to be a relatively light week, given that most things are in reruns. And yet there was a lot to discuss… like the unsurprising season finale of America’s Next Top Model that was still totally engrossing; it’s such a finely tuned machine, ANTM. In Part 1, we pore over Heroes, Friday Night Lights and Gilmore Girls and reveal our fairly predictable highs and lows. The Wire’s done for the season and Heroes is on a break until January. So it seems like both titles are up for grabs. Surprise/disappoint us, TV!

In Part II, the debate about My Boys continues, and Darwin manages to break actual news during the recording by telling me Tim Gunn might not be on Project Runway next season. I don’t cry or anything, but it’s close. We also discuss Top Chef, Standoff, The Amazing Race, Survivor and the crowning of America’s Next Top Model.


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