#15 – The Proverbial Bus – Recorded 12-14-06

Mia feels like some kind of bus just ran over her…Every week Darwin writes a brief episode snyopsis that he posts with each mp3 file. And then I come here and do my own rambling description of what we covered and so forth. But this week, well, I had no choice but to defer to him:

Golden Globes! Theoretical droughts! Confusing expletives! Ambiguous pronouns! This episode has it all. Plus Standoff, House, Friday Night Lights, The Unit, The Amazing Race, Top Chef, My Boys, Scrubs, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother and The Class. Would you believe all this comes in under two hours? Yes? Well, that’s what fast forward is for.

Speaking of, my resolution for the new year for Frame of Reference is to figure out how to do chapters, so you can happily (and conveniently) skip to the shows you want to hear about. We’re recording one more episode tomorrow, but then we’ll be done for 2006. When we come back in 2007, there will be a whole new spate of midseason and returning shows to watch and discuss. If there’s anything you specifically want us to add, request away. And happy holidays!

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