#17 – Goodbye 2006 – Recorded 12-31-06

P.J. and her boys.So it may be almost a week into 2007, but we still have some remnants of 2006 to deal with.

Episode #17 – Goodbye 2006 (recorded in the last hours of 12-31) is just what it sounds like. We came to bury, and in a very few instances praise, the shows that didn’t make it to 2007. Though before that litany, we both actually finished all six hours of the Sci-Fi miniseries The Lost Room and the final five episodes of My Boys, which TBS ominously burned off right after Christmas. I don’t think it was in the spirit of giving either.

So we have big plans for 2007. New shows! Best-of lists! (More) posts from someone other than me! Feel free to throw in requests for something you might want us to watch or talk about. And there it is, the first shameless ploy for comments of 2007.


2 responses to “#17 – Goodbye 2006 – Recorded 12-31-06

  1. My Boys was renewed, in case you haven’t already heard.

  2. I actually found out as I was posting this entry because I went to the TBS site to try to grab a picture. Summer sounds about right. It’s done well not having to compete against a lot else. I probably should’ve mentioned the renewal, though it didn’t really match the goodbye theme we had going.

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