#18 – Say My Name – Recorded 1-6-07

Alec Baldwin wants you to switch to Blockbuster.First episode recorded in the new year, and while we steadfastly talk at length about a still reduced number of shows, at least some of them are new ones—either to the podcast or to the world. Darwin asked me to try Law & Order: Criminal Intent, which I did, and I threw in my first episode of King of Queens for him as well, though that was almost entirely because of this article. ABC launched two new comedies on Wednesday, The Knights of Prosperity and In Case of Emergency, and NBC trudged along with Scrubs and 30 Rock. If we ranked the four of them, I think you’d be surprised by the result. We also sifted through FX’s newest hypothetically provocative drama Dirt, finding so many ways it sucked. Thank god for Friday Night Lights and Top Chef.

2 responses to “#18 – Say My Name – Recorded 1-6-07

  1. so i haven’t gotten to this one yet (just listened to 15 and 16 in the car today), but saw this and thought it might be of interest to y’all and your sometimes uneven sound:


  2. It’s interesting that you would leave this link before listening to this particular show. We’re regressing. In all aspects.

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