10) Gilmore Girls

As Darwin alluded to, some of us have more trouble than others limiting our year-end lists to a mere 10. And it’s almost worth proving him right by breaking the rules and listing all sorts of ties and adding a few asterisks here and there. It’s not simply that I need people to love what I love (though in many cases, that helps keep the shows I do love on the air). It’s just that there were better shows than Grey’s Anatomy on in 2006, shows worthy of your love and time, shows that reward you in the end. At least 14 of them… and probably closer to like 40.

Not quite yet time to say goodbye.Anyways. Gilmore Girls. I was never an alarmist about Rory turning into a spoiled brat or even about Lorelai’s uncharacteristic silence regarding Luke and April. Part of knowing people for a long time is watching them do stuff you think is pretty freakin’ annoying while hoping that they’ll come back around eventually. And six and a half years into this (yes, TV) relationship, I’m too invested to give up. Things, I guess, are different since the Palladinos left Star’s Hollow, but not different enough to counteract the inherent awesomeness of what they created. “French Twist” was maybe the worst episode in the show’s history, but “A Vineyard Valentine” was nearly as bad, and Daniel wrote it. Above all, I’d still rather watch this cast move about their strange little town than deal with what it means to not have a show so thoughtful and sweet and funny on the air anymore. I remain optimistic and loyal for now… for as long as they’re on my TV.

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