9) Gilmore Girls

49751.jpgThe calendar year strikes. This is in part why I don’t like trying to fit the square peg of TV into the round hole of end of the year lists. First, there’s the trouble with new shows that have only had half a year to shine. Jericho just might deserve this spot. But I’m too worried that it’s going to undo in the coming months all the great things it accomplished in the past few. Then there’s the trouble of evaluating two half seasons of one show. Which maybe shouldn’t mean so much, especially with a network program, but rarely have the differences between those halves been as closely scrutinized as they have been with Gilmore Girls.

Yes, things have been different during the Hope & Faith Dynasty (most notably Stars’ Hollow and its peripheral residents.) But only so much fault can be placed on them. They aren’t the ones who painted the show into a corner with Christopher and Anna and Logan. They’re just the ones who have chosen to escape from said corner by chewing through the wall. Still, we’ll never know if maybe that isn’t more interesting than whatever The Palladino Administration had in mind. And clearly, if it’s any combination of Gilmores doing the chewing, it’s going to be better than most anything else available to us.

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