8) Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

I know. Season Four already. I can’t believe it either. By this time, a lot of cartoons get weird or lame or drift so completely from their original premise as to make them unrecognizable. But except for the perpetually sinking feeling you get for the most high profile friends (Wilt, Eduardo, CoCo) that they’re never going to get adopted, this one has stayed true without getting boring. Most of the side characters they’ve highlighted over the years (Goo, Cheese) return with some regularity without ever overstapping their bounds. Bloo is still the most gloriously self-absorbed character on television (take that, House), and hints ominously at a dark side of his creator that no one else seems to notice.
Someday Frankie will get fed up and quit. Someday Mr. Herriman will realize no one takes him seriously. And someday Mac will grow up and forget all this ever happened. But for now, all’s right with the world. And of course, there’s always the greatest television theme ever recorded.


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