7) Friday Night Lights

CoachBy far my favorite new show this season. I’ve gone on and on about it on the podcast—how much I love the Taylors and the way Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton play them and the way they’re written, how Matt and Julie are my favorite TV couple, even when I’m probably making up most of the awesomeness of their relationship in my head, how once an episode, at least, I realize I’m in actual pain… A crippled quarterback, a ridiculously football-obsessed town, a very special steriod episode, repeated dramatic come-from-behind victories, abusive fathers and drunk teenagers: I should hate this show. But nothing on Friday Night Lights happens the way you’ve seen a million times before. The show’s up against low ratings and a constraining premise—high school teams only play football for a few months a year. Let’s hope the Dillon Panthers have a good playoffs so Coach Taylor can come back. I want another season.

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