6) The Unit

In theory, this could be the most perfectly constructed show in history. Half episodic action and half serial drama supervised by one of the best writers of our time. Somehow, it isn’t quite achieving its potential in practice, but it’s close.
The UnitWith a fairly limited number of major characters, The Unit never feels tied to anyone or anything and can use its parts as little or as much as it needs to in any given episode. It also doesn’t seem to suffer from the same time constraints other shows do. It can start a subplot and resist the urge to wrap it up, or even refer to it, in the following episode. It can even nibble at the edges of political commentary without the appearance of an agenda. Which is good, because I don’t think the audience for its lead-in, NCIS, are open-minded enough to consider both sides. Most importantly though, it has the best shootouts on TV. The best in a long time. In fact, better than most movies can muster these days, and that’s much appreciated.

And it might only get better as the cast adjusts to Mametspeak, something only the actors in his plays have had an opportunity to do in the past.There’s also the possibility of Lee Tergesen becoming a long standing nemesis. And nobody can tell me that isn’t great news. Even if they didn’t see his episode early this season.


4 responses to “6) The Unit

  1. I can’t say I’m a fan of “The Unit.” The characters are nothing new, and neither are the situations. However, I will watch it each and any time they have Lee Tergesen on. He was the only good thing about the episode he played on earlier this season.
    Anytime he’s on anything, I’ll watch it, just so I can be reminded that there are good actors out there.

  2. Lee Tergesen! How great is that?! I hope he does join. I wish they would narrow the wives part of the show. I’d stay in the field if I was married to ANY of them!

  3. Despite the obviously incorrect notions concerning The Unit, I do believe we are attracting the right sort of audience here. We might want to think about narrowing the focus to Oz, early Homicide and Wanted in the future.

  4. I’ve never watched any episode of the Unit. It doesn’t seem like my kind of show. But I did watch the parts that Lee Tergesen appeared in and I really hope he would guest star in a lot more episodes!

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