5) Entourage

I know what you’re thinking. This show is empty. Vapid. Shallow. To which I respond, those pretty much all mean the same thing, find something new. And also, you’re absolutely right. There’s no danger. There’s no subtext. There’s nothing to be learned. And that is exactly appropriate for the subject matter. Whether or not that is, in fact, the subtext, doesn’t truly matter.

EntourageEvery week, I get the sense that I am feeling the same thing thousands of middle 20th century era 12-year-olds around the country felt every week after watching The Shadow or Superman serials before their 5-cent double features. It feels like it’s 8 minutes long and rarely is anything finished. And all I want is for the next installment to come.

It turned a little into The Ari Gold Show this season, and while I’m slightly less than appreciative of that, I understand why. We’ve always known there was never enough Jeremy Piven in our lives, so there’s no reason to complain. And considering the finale it couldn’t have worked out better. Just like Pirates 2 beating the fictional box office record set just days before by Aquaman, I don’t expect this to last, but it feels good enough for now.

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