4) Survivor

Ever since Jeff snuffed Sonja’s torch at the end of the first episode, I’ve been pretty much in love with Survivor. And if there was ever a Survivor: Greenland I’d sign up to learn just how little I actually know about playing this game. So I guess I’m what you might call a Survivor apologist, if you like giving trivial things important-sounding names. I loved the idea of segregating the tribes, didn’t care when that ended after two episodes, never think it’s gotten stale, even in those supposed doldrums generally known as episodes 3 and 4, loved Thailand AND Panama (the original), and would like Rosie O’Donnell to host every reunion they ever do. What I’m saying is, my position on this can’t be taken too seriously. Not that that was going to be aSurvivor Something problem after seeing my list thus far.

Jonathan and Yul’s refreshingly emotionless strategical conferences clearly put this year over the top, but Aras and Terry’s were almost as fantastic, if only in a less articulated fashion. To say nothing of Cirie’s out-of-nowhere manipulation and the ceaselessly entertaining insanity that was Shane Powers. Sure, the final vote was a lot closer in Cook Islands, but it’s not the finale alone that makes Survivor great. It’s how they get us there. And in both cases this year, the journeys were all but perfect.


One response to “4) Survivor

  1. First, it’s weird to hear you talk about being in love with a show. You sound like me. Second, I’m annoyed I couldn’t fit Survivor on my list, though I’m now going to justify its exclusion further because I hadn’t realized (stupidly, like with Cuddy and the lying) that there was another season in 2006. I feel like not seeing it disqualifies it automatically. But yeah, on the one hand, I’m happy—for the first time in my life— to know Survivor is coming back so soon, but I also know there won’t be anyone as awesome as Jonathan.

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