1) The 4400

It started out as an another transparent basic cable attempt at adapting the X-Files format. And while it acheived that more successfully than the countless others who tried, it was still just one of them.

Season 2 pushed things much further, no longer just a 4400 of the week, but rather started to create a nation, a world even, where The 4400 were more than just an isolated problem.
And all of that led to this season, to a sort of Cold War era. It was almost exhausting watching all the different factions play each other to the point we’re at now, the brink of all out war. And there’s no clear side to choose, when even the most evil (Ryland) and insane (Collier) characters make extremely good points.

All you Heroes fans out there are making a grave mistake, heralding its disgustingly overt comic book predilictions while missing this show. The4400 is almost a slightly more realistic telling of one the most famous and revered comic stories in history, X-Men’s “God Loves, Man Kills” (also the basis for X2, maybe the greatest comic book movie ever made), but it doesn’t feel the need to shove that down our throats, because ultimately, it doesn’t need to be associated with comic books, X-Files, or anything else. It stands on its own. And above everything else on TV. This year anyway.*


One response to “1) The 4400

  1. * I don’t want to undermine my own favorite show(s), but it seems necessary to make clear that I didn’t have HBO until recently and so am not current with many of their shows,as well as a few others that may have otherwise made many of the claims made in this list into lies.

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