#20 – Head in the Sand – Recorded 1-19-07

Golden Glober winner…So I’m writing this post about our latest episode (#20!) instead of watching the backlog I have from just Sunday and Monday’s new shows, which I’ll of course need to catch up on in order to record our next episode. It’s like hamster wheels… I never thought I’d say this, but thank god for the State of the Union address, which limited the new shows to a mere three hours tonight.

And speaking of, this week’s show was our longest yet. We can’t really be blamed though. There was lots to cover. Somehow Darwin watched (most of) the third episode of Beauty & the Geek and somehow I’m watching Dirt, Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy again. And then we had four hours of 24 to cover, which is like a sixth of the season (maybe not even like). There was also more Brothers & Sisters, The Unit, The Apprentice, the not-so-impressive musical episode of Scrubs and the suddenly kind of entertaining 30 Rock. And who could’ve predicted at the beginning of the season that The Class, Shooting Sizemore and Top Chef would be the three shows we seem to be enjoying the most? (Those still skeptical will be happy I think that this might not be true by next week.)

Finally, settle something for us. Is it feasible to confuse these two actors: Dyllan Christopher and Michael Angarano?


5 responses to “#20 – Head in the Sand – Recorded 1-19-07

  1. “The Class”? Seriously? I mean, it has definitely improved throughout the season but I don’t think it’s half as good as “30 Rock” (or, staying in the sitcom genre, “Everybody Hates Chris” and “My Name Is Earl”).

    Unless you and Darwin are drawing a distinction between what’s good and what’s enjoyable. And even then, the only character who consistently makes me laugh is Richie. Ethan and Kat, who started off as the show’s strong suit, are edging perilously close to Ross/Rachel territory.

  2. So. Listening to #20 right now. Have some suggestions for shows to watch/discuss:

    Lost (just to make Hil watch it)
    Battlestar Galactica
    Top Design
    The Real Housewives of Orange County

    Oh, and can I say that for awhile on one of the podcasts I had L&O Criminal Intent and Criminal Minds confused and couldn’t believe that you would watch the Mandy Patinkin crapfest and was relieved that I was wrong.

  3. Sorry to disappoint (both of you), but I do watch Criminal Minds. It’s just that no one else will talk about it. And that’s mostly fine. Even though it’s much better than a lot of the 0other shows we do talk about.

    I’m trying to catch up on Lost. But it’s not going so well.

    No one’s going to be happy if I start watching Battlestar Galatica. Especially me. But I’m willing to try. Of course I am.

    I don’t not like My Name Is Earl. It’s not really fair that I leave it out every week. Everbody Hates Chris I kind of couldn’t stand. That kid’s Chris Rock impression is almost as annoying as Chris Rock.

    As for The Class… I think we were distinguishing between funny and enjoyable for awhile there. But now they’re acheiving both at once.

  4. Tricia, I think I’ll at least watch Top Design, which probably means Darwin will watch it too… though I’m going to have pass on The Real Housewives of Orange County—or you’ll at least need to make a really good case for its awesomeness (or awesome badness). Is it as good as Blow Out? That’s the standard, I think.

    It’s too late for Darwin to watch Battlestar Galactica (which I always abbreviate BSG, which is weird, right?)… it deserves to be seen from the beginning, and there’s just no way for him to catch up. Lost, possibly. I’ll watch it until the end, no matter what. But we just need more State of the Unions or something so Darwin can finish Season 2 and get through the beginning of Season 3.

    My Name Is Earl… that’s not a bad request at all. I already record every other show on Thursday on NBC. And I’ll admit not liking the few episodes I saw last season, but god knows my sitcom/comedy standards have been lowered. I’m going to save some of my defense of The Class for our upcoming episode, but at least part of its appeal is that it did improve so much. Nary a Holly Engenboom or whatever in sight for two weeks now!

    Finally, Everybody Hates Chris… I’ve never seen. Darwin will think it’s because of my racist viewing habits, but it’s because the commercials make me never, ever want to watch it. It seems so broad and loud. But so much of that could be the CW’s promo department.

    And I might record Iron Chef America tonight… just saying.

  5. Heh. Tonight’s episode involves Morimoto, which may not be as entertaining than if Bobby Flay or Mario Batali were being challenged. Admittedly, the competition is not serialized so it lacks the forced conflict and drama of a “Top Chef” — much of what makes the IC franchise interesting (theme ingredient, Alton Brown’s commentary, the personalities comprising the judging panel) isn’t necessarily conducive to podcast discussion.

    As for “My Name Is Earl,” it bears noting that although most the show’s jokes are generally funny on their own, the overall narrative structure (much like “Arrested Development”) is highly dependent on callbacks and viewer knowledge of random tertiary characters.

    Just wanted to provide these disclaimers ahead of time.

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