#21 – Plate This Podcast – Recorded 1-26-07

I did my best to make this week’s episode shorter by not watching everything I was supposed to, but it didn’t help. Sorry. I’ll just try to make this post brief to compensate.

TrumpSo we had listener requests to honor (hence Iron Chef America), plus another extended episode of Top Chef (this time, at least, it was the first half of the finale). Gilmore Girls, Prison Break and Heroes all returned, in that order of triumph. And it seems we’ve actually added Beauty & the Geek to the roster—officially. There’s also more 24, The Apprentice, Brothers & Sisters, Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother and The Class. The discussion on those last two turns into a bit of a debate about the merits of humor based on pop culture references—all you I Love the Whatevers fans should stick around for that part, I guess. Finally, Shooting Sizemore attempts a sort of sunny episode, though the prospect of Tom in jail haunts all of us. I mean, they won’t be able to film the show if he’s locked up, right?


4 responses to “#21 – Plate This Podcast – Recorded 1-26-07

  1. Funhouse was awesome! I would watch that today if it were still on.

  2. Plus, can we agree never to use plate as a verb again? Argh.

  3. I wish I could promise you that. But apparently, I can’t control it.

  4. I don’t think Dane Cook is funny, but 80s references (and nostalgia) are awesome. So the lack of built-in jokes don’t bother me.

    (and I’m willing to admit that last week’s “How I Met Your Mother” was the weakest episode yet)

    In response to Darwin’s off-handed comment about “Big Day,” I watched it faithfully until the bitter end. They weren’t married. Josh Cooke’s mother showed up just as the “I Dos” were exchanged. Too bad the series ended prematurely, I actually thought it was underrated. As far as ABC shows go, at least we have a shared love for the talented and gorgeous Becki Newton!

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