#23 – Critical Mass – Recorded 2-9-07

The UnitAfter the relative quiet of December and January in the Land of First-Run TV, we got slammed by February sweeps. For this week’s episode it would be more efficient to say what we didn’t watch than what we did. For instance, I never got around to catching up on Grey’s Anatomy or e.r., and I seem to have given up on Dirt, but otherwise… it was business as usual. The litany: Psych, Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother, The Class, Prison Break, 24, Heroes, House, Gilmore Girls, Beauty and the Geek, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, Top Design and two episodes of The Unit. (Oh my god. That’s a really long list.)

But wait, there’s more! As a bonus, we sort of talked about the special Super Bowl Criminal Minds. And as part of our continuing effort to cater to our audience (singular), we watched My Name Is Earl (but only barely remembered to talk about it). Plus Survivor returns to us with a cast of weirdly named contestants acting exactly as you’d expect them to.

3 responses to “#23 – Critical Mass – Recorded 2-9-07

  1. So I’m really bored- hence, I will be commenting as I listen to this week’s episode:

    – I can’t believe I watched Criminal Minds this week. Yes, too lazy to change the channel after the Superbowl. I did however miss the second part of the two parter. I agree that they didn’t hide the whole It’s Just One Guy thing very well (although my brother went back to the break-in scene and confirmed his suspicion that there were two shadows shown, so there’s that) I also agree with Hil about the crappy computer-related dialogue. It must stop. Gone viral is just terrible. I can’t believe I wrote this much about this show. I can’t believe you guys spent so much time talking about the show. Let’s maybe both give it a rest.

    -OK, so I still don’t watch How I Met Your Mother, so not super much to say, so I can go back and say how funny the beginning of this podcast was when Hil was too tired and giddy to follow along with any train of thought. Hee. Oh, and the sound is pretty good- maybe you all should sit next to each other more often. And, it seems that Hil has BSG on the brain…excellent.

    -Onto The Class. Also, not watching. And Prison Break. Not watching. That’s OK, my fingers needed a break anyway. And now 24. Still listening, still no comments. And Heroes…No, Doctor Who wasn’t terrible! I don’t claim its great, but I enjoyed watching it, and I really am not a sci-fi person.

    – And now House. I also enjoyed the simplicity of the disease. And the speech at the end was strained- the whole “no rings” thing was a real stretch. And how does Darwin know where the carnies live.

    – Gilmore Girls. I feel like Rory has gotten less smart as the series has gone on. And I do think this episode is one of the better ones recently, even if the Luke bit was forced. And it’s a good set-up for this week’s episode. And so Emily is totally over the whole Rory/Logan/Yale dropout thing? And how has the show made Logan so likeable? I really did like all of the business with Lorelei and Emily- it was just how the two of them would be.

    – Why were there two Units? Excellent question, and I might care if I watched the show. Ooh, onto Hil’s racism. I find it hilarious. More on this topic.

    -Dirt, Beauty and the Geek, etc. And now you’re watching Rules of Engagement? No wonder you don’t sleep. And yes, that dog commercial is a killer. Thanks for making me watch, bitch.

    -I’m still hanging in with Top Design. Todd was better, but only because he was so bad in the first one. And this week had too many rooms to really focus on any one of them. I wish we had more time to actually see each room- we only get a little bit of each one. And the judges comments don’t really give me any insight into the design process. Meh.

    -Ugly Betty, 30 Rock- not on my radar. And I keep forgetting to watch Scrubs. And I still can’t believe you all watch Survivor. Still. After, what, 14 seasons? I gave up after 3 or 4. But I might watch Double Survivor.

    – Ooh, a secret segment. For My Name is Earl? Well, at least Joy is entertaining.

    – So last week’s Grey’s Anatomy where Ellis comes out of the coma is really one of my favorite mother-daughter relationship episodes of any show that’s been on tv. You should go back and watch it, you know, in your spare time. And I could go for some Lost discussion…

    Oh, and way to come in at 1:59 and change. Congrats.

  2. Thanks. I worked hard on that 1:59 thing. Very important.

    And I’m current with Grey’s Anatomy. The one where Gracie Law comes out of her Alheimer’s-coma was by far the best one I’ve seen. She made everybody better. But it was fleeting, because the next one was not only dumb, but very sweeps e.r.ish.

    ‘Man, you need to watch more shows. Not Criminal Minds though. That much is apparently clear.

  3. Should she watch, say, two more shows a week or listen to our podcast? It’s hard to advocate for either.

    And I did sound giddy at the beginning, didn’t I? Lots of random giggles… kind of hard to listen to. I settled down though. Or crashed. Whichever. That’s what I’m blaming on not asking Darwin about the carnies. At the time, I felt like I should just hold out for a second and maybe it would make sense to me, that I’d get whatever New Jersey reference he was making, but by the time I figured out I had no idea what he was talking about, we’d moved on.

    And now I’m annoyed I’m not caught up on Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe if I can’t sleep tonight…

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