#24 – Best Laid Plans – Recorded 2-16-07

We finally got someone to come talk favorably about Heroes and at all about Veronica Mars, but apparently Hilary wants no part of either. Therefore, this episode only includes Scrubs, C.S.I., Survivor and a somewhat fair and balanced Heroes discussion. A regular episode for the week is on its way. Consider this an appetizer. A really big one that causes you to take most of your dinner home with you.


One response to “#24 – Best Laid Plans – Recorded 2-16-07

  1. So it turns out it’s a lot of fun to listen to someone else do the podcast… especially because often I’d want to respond to something silly that Darwin was saying only have Cy to jump in and do it for me.

    Also, Darwin could we just use a clip (choose from any of them) of Cy saying the URL and e-mail address in the future?

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