#25 – Out of Order – Recorded 2-17-07

Poor Darwin. He had a tough week. First I—or the ice and snow, you choose—thwarted his grand plans for having me and Cy (#24‘s special guest) get together and discuss the shows he doesn’t watch. And then when we finally got to record this episode, I made a confession so shocking that the fate of Frame of Reference hung (hangs?) in the balance. (NBC’s promo department wrote that last sentence.)

bs.jpgStill, despite all the obstacles, he persevered long enough for us to get through a bee-laden The Apprentice, Ian McKellan on Extras, a special Valentine’s Day–themed Brothers & Sisters, a somehow too functional Shooting Sizemore, a two-hour 24 television event, flashbackerrific How I Met Your Mother, the tragic return of Perry on The Class and Heroes being Heroes. And that’s just Sunday and Monday. We also waltz through House, The Unit, the finale of Beauty & The Geek, Friday Night Lights, Top Design, Ugly Betty, Scrubs, 30 Rock, My Name Is Earl, Survivor and Gilmore Girls. And just when you thought this week’s podcast couldn’t get any more… special, there’s a knock at the door.

One response to “#25 – Out of Order – Recorded 2-17-07

  1. Apparently, I listened to this one out of order.

    The reason why the HIMYM flashbacks were repeated from beginning to end — remember the old nursery rhyme “This Is The House That Jack Built”?

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