#26 – Noteworthy – Recorded 2-25-07

MiloAnother rough week… Darwin left his notes at home, putting the burden of remembering the week in TV squarely on me. And my notes. Which if you’ve ever seen my handwriting you’ll understand is a bit ridiculous. The upside is we managed to bring the running time of the episode down a bit. The downside will be obvious when you listen. (Trust me.) Still, we discuss the premiere of The Amazing Race: All Stars as well as Shooting Sizemore, The Apprentice, Brothers & Sisters, How I Met Your Mother, The Class, Prison Break, 24, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights, Top Design and Survivor. Some of these shows might not make it to next week so get your fill now…

4 responses to “#26 – Noteworthy – Recorded 2-25-07

  1. Finally catching up on the past month’s podcasts. I will never get Darwin’s vendetta against “How I Met Your Mother” (and not just because it’s my favorite show). Did you have a bad experience in NYC or something? All kidding aside, this was certainly not a great episode but it’s hard to see how continuity with the slap bet could be a negative, and the fact that loyal viewers would love it is irrelevant. And since when is predictability (e.g., the dogs morphing into ex-boyfriends) automatically bad if it’s well-executed?

    Yikes, that sounded a wee bit defensive about a show on CB-freaking-S.

    As for “The Class” (and I mentioned this to Hilary the other day), when does Richie ever NOT win? He owns. I think that Andrea Anders is horribly wasted in her role. She was easily the best part of “Joey” — seriously, her performances were borderline Emmy-worthy. But the Duncan storyline is cringe-worthy, talk about “predictable” in a bad way.

  2. To suggest that How I Met Your Mother takes place in an actual New York City seems fairly indefensible. Moreso even than liking this show. Because, of course, there are funny things sometimes. Generally, they are instantly ruined by the writers’ apparent need to show us that they knew they came up with something funny by repeating it endlessly, but sometimes they manage to resist the temptation and let me figure it out for myself.

    Hey, remember that time we didn’t understand each other’s take on How I Met Your Mother? Those were the days. The funny, funny days.

    Cue flashback.

  3. Friends often repeat jokes to each other. At least my friends and I do. Inside/running jokes are fun.

    What is unrealistic or inaccurate about the show’s portrayal of NYC?

  4. I love running jokes. But they have to be done artfully… or at least timed right. And earned. My problem with How I Met Your Mother isn’t that it’s about a bunch of friends laughing at their own jokes (because, truly, I think that’s how most people are and spend their time), but that other people’s jokes aren’t always funny to me. Or funny enough.

    Sometimes How I Met Your Mother feels like the creators are refusing to believe that “you had to be there” applies to them, instead plowing ahead, trying to show us what we missed through the flashbacks that are nostalgia-tinged and worthy to the characters but are sort of too new to matter to me. I was just introduced to Marshall’s car; I don’t care that it’s died. But the slap bet… I don’t mind it returning at all. They earned it.

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