#27 – Clap Your Hands – Recorded 3-2-07

Bottom FeederWe had so much to celebrate this week, including the boot-stompin’, giggle-inducing Tyrarrific return of America’s Next Top Model. Almost everything else pales in comparison. Still, this week’s episode covers the premiere of NBC’s great white hope for its Monday 10 p.m. time slot, The Black Donnellys, as well as The Amazing Race, Prison Break, 24, How I Met Your Mother, The Class, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, The Unit, Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock and Survivor.

And apparently two weeks ago, the last Shooting Sizemore of the season aired, and we didn’t give it a proper send-off in the least. (Like Tom himself, it never quite lived up to its potential.) No worries though… new shows are born all the time.

4 responses to “#27 – Clap Your Hands – Recorded 3-2-07

  1. ZOMG their are HIMYM podcasts on teh interwebs!!!!11!1

    (the irony of Darwin listening to them did make me laugh, though)

  2. AMPAS- Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

    Oh, and Hil, you left a syllable out of hydrogenated every time you said it during the GG chat. Like, 5 times.

    But, very entertaining nonetheless.

  3. It wasn’t written like that in Cy’s letter. I think the S was small. Or something.

    And hydrogenated. This is like the first C in Antarctica.

  4. Hey from HowIMetYourBlog.com. Listened to the podcast, and can’t tell if you like our podcast (fancast) or are just being condescending .

    I know it’s short, but really do you think people would tune in for an hour long episode about HIMYM? We don’t. You also don’t seem to be that much of the show in general. Granted the “Arrivederci, Fiero” wasn’t their best episode, It is a good show.

    I’m going to subscribe to your podcast and listen to some of the other episodes. Maybe it was just this one, that you didn’t like the story line.

    Feel free to contact me, and I can share some insights on why we like the show, from some of us who watch it religiously!


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