#28 – First Impressions – Recorded 3-9-07

slings.jpgAny week I’m forced to watch TV made by David E. Kelley is problematic from the start, but Darwin and I soldier on as best we can this episode. To help a bit we can finally discuss the wonder that is Slings & Arrows (and specifically Paul Gross). The Amazing Race continues to live up to its name. (Well, it does. And that’s what you get for having an adjective in the title in the first place.) And The Winner and Wedding Bells premiered, and that’s as much time as I’ll give either of them again in the future. Plus, there’s The Apprentice, Prison Break, 24, Gilmore Girls, House, America’s Next Top Model, Survivor and 30 Rock. And we say goodbye to The Class. Oh, and Darwin sings, giggles and almost cries. For serious.

5 responses to “#28 – First Impressions – Recorded 3-9-07

  1. Many randon thoughts:

    1-i, too, was disappointed by the lack of makeover episode on ANTM in week two- mean!
    2-woot- the episode is a reasonable length. also, it went fast, so i must have been entertained
    3- listen for Hil right at 1:34 say “Oh, what was it?” I crack up every time i hear it. heh
    4- According to Jim? oh, no. you could have spent that half hour on the new Ninja Warrior episodes. a second person finally finishes all four stages
    5- The Riches- yes, please. And Lost.
    6- also, the pussycat dolls show is awesome. Girls vomiting and on IVs in the very first episode. When they leave they have to turn in their pink feather boas. awesome awesome
    7- singing, always singing. highly entertaining.
    8- yeah, i think i might have to watch the andrew dice clay show now.
    9- the agency? yes? no?
    10- good luck with all the new tv you ahve to watch. remember, we’re all counting on you
    11-ignore that second review on itunes; i think she misses the whole concept of what an opinion is. you all have certainly never claimed that your view was the only view (see: guests on show)

  2. 12- oh, i think you should give the winner another chance. yes, it ahs unfunny parts, but the funny parts are really surprising and worth the effort

  3. 2 – I don’t believe you

    5 – It really feels as if I will never make it with Lost. But at least now I can be self-reliant as far as recording them. So it’s not impossible.

    6 – I believe you, sort of. Though I have to confess to feeling relieved that Hilary was so adamantly opposed.

    9 – I loved The Agency. That one epsiode when Jackson meets the ex-Russian spy in the park at the end? Perfect. It’s weird that it’s now a half hour and on VH1 though. That doesn’t make any sense.

    10 – That is not true. Nor should it be.

    11 – It’s hard to ignore completely when it’s got me so pegged. The truth hurts, or so I’m told. I’m open to any other opinions though. Do you think the truth hurts? Because if you don’t, that’s totally okay with me and I won’t be angry or anything interesting like that.

    11A – She, huh?

  4. 3. I did relisten (humorously, I went to a minute and 34 seconds first…), and I can only guess that there was some time cut there, while Darwin was trying to remember whatever. But the real issue is “every time I hear it”… how many times did you listen this week?

    6. I maybe would’ve been more receptive to watching The Search for the Next Doll (!) if they hadn’t so vigorously tried to defend the show as a source of female empowerment. Even Tyra knows better than that.

  5. 13- hils- any thoughts on putting This American Life episodes on dvd for those without showtime?

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