#32 – Literal Interpretations – Recorded 4-8-07

sixdegrees.jpgCan you hear the glee in Darwin’s voice? It’s not because it was Easter when we recorded. It’s not because this episode wasn’t as long as they normally are. There’s so much glee that I’m guessing it’ll last all the way until when we record the next show. In the meantime, we mull over two full legs of The Amazing Race, more Apprentice silliness, the season but not series finale of Prison Break and another long hour of 24. We didn’t actually discuss this, but feel free to weigh in on which was more ridiculous, the CGI baby hand grabbing House’s finger or those tribe scenes on The Unit. Plus there’s a new heroine to embrace (and a new name to use when talking about her) on America’s Next Top Model and speeches galore on Friday Night Lights. Finally, we wrap up with a crowded Thursday night of TV: Andy Barker, P.I., 30 Rock, Scrubs, October Road. and Survivor.


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