#33 – Playing Along – Recorded 4-13-07

The PlayersDarwin and I didn’t really agree this episode. Am I being willfully blind? Is he just wrong? Is Oswald maybe the best TAR contestant of all time? Should Nicole (and her stupid voice) have been fired on The Apprentice? Is Entourage worth the time it takes up on HBO’s schedule? Is How I Met Your Mother capable of using flashbacks for good instead of evil? Was The King of Queens the funniest half-hour show on last week? Is it possible to laugh at 24 in a good way? How many different meanings did House’s title have this week? Do we care why The Unit gets to show up at any crisis it wants to? Is it worth even entertaining the idea that Friday Nights Lights might have flaws? (And can we live without another season?) Could Natasha or Dionne actually win America’s Next Top Model? How good was Tracy’s Thomas Jefferson trailer on 30 Rock? Does the guy from Notes From the Underbelly have something actually wrong with his face? Was that the most unfair Survivor episode ever? We’ve got answers.

3 responses to “#33 – Playing Along – Recorded 4-13-07

  1. Yes, no, no, sure, no, no, yes, absolutely, two, we do but we shouldn’t, yes (and yes), yes, not that good, definitely, not even close, and it wasn’t a question, but I’m not so sure we did. Before now.

  2. So- Hil was totally right about the whole “airborne” thing. That drugstore stuff was one of the first things I thought of.

    And- have you read the Slate article about Thank God You’re Here: http://www.slate.com/id/2164647/
    I think it really gets what’s so wrong about the show.

    Also- Shear Genius? I’m two episodes in now and about to give up. I think I’m out on new Bravo reality shows; I’ll wait until Top Chef and Project Runway come back.

    And yes, I think Dionne could wim ANTM. Natasha, maybe not, but her photos are crazy good.

  3. Wow- way to call me out in the next episode for my slow response. Noted.

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