#34 – Blind Spot – Recorded 4-21-07

taryn.jpgThe highs and lows were particularly easy to spot this week, despite my apparent inability to recognize other obvious truths about TV. We learn how to cross October Road., say goodbye to Andy Barker, P.I. and sigh about The Amazing Race,The Apprentice and Entourage. And then there was three hours of Drive, which still felt shorter than one of 24. King of Queens is courting me, Gilmore Girls is boring Darwin, and House is at least enjoying himself. I think Notes From the Underbelly might have been okay, but I also can’t figure out why. Thank god for the clarity of America’s Next Top Model. We wrap up with Thursday night’s Ugly Betty (including a fight about who watches it and why, so seriously, tell us, do you watch Ugly Betty and why?) 30 Rock, Scrubs and Survivor.

2 responses to “#34 – Blind Spot – Recorded 4-21-07

  1. So I’m more than a little disturbed that Darwin could rattle off so many names of Cover Girl pitchwomen. Your knowledge is scary!

    Also, someone, please talk about The Office!

  2. Well, I could talk about The Office, but I don’t want to spoil Darwin, who hasn’t caught up and realistically won’t before the end of the season. I could talk about loving the entire betting subplot two weeks ago, about worrying that the show’s running out of realistic ways for Michael and Dwight to be ridiculous, about how MY office has taken to using shun/unshun a lot, but I can’t.

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