#35 – Raising the Bar – Recorded 4-27-07

CarlaThe real question this week was whether the return of Heroes was enough to unseat October Road. from its vaunted place as Darwin’s low. There’s only one way to find out—listen to our newest episode. Or I suppose you could also ask one of us. Two ways then.

So The Amazing Race managed to be completely suspenseful, while The Apprentice finale managed to be completely weird and yet somehow perfectly suited to its strange season. Entourage—or more specifically Carla Gugino in her underwear on Entourage—sparked a debate about its depiction of women. Meanwhile Drive got itself canceled and 24, impossibly, got more boring. But Heroes made up for everything by returning to form beautifully. Of course the real hero is writer Jennie Synder of Gilmore Girls. House loses a patient, but The Unit gained Ricky Jay. I took actual notes on Notes From The Underbelly, but I still can’t quite explain why I kind of enjoy it. America’s Next Top Model was a clip show, and it was still better than most everything else. And we wrap up the week by going through the typical ups and downs of Thursday night TV: Ugly Betty, Survivor, 30 Rock, Scrubs and October Road.


One response to “#35 – Raising the Bar – Recorded 4-27-07

  1. Finally getting cought up on the notes:

    1- I, too, watched two guys and a girl, back when the pizza place was still in play

    2- I agree that Natasha as Tyra with the secret double elimination was truly awesome

    3- Kathleen was better than Jael, and more entertaining. I miss her

    4- As if a real traffic cop would have made them pose…

    5- Best quote of Hils re: ANTM- That’s OK, next week we get……more.

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