#37 – Scorched Earth – Recorded 5-19-07

earl.jpgThings feel as if they are slipping away from us this time. There’s the series finales of King Of Queens and Gilmore Girls and the season finales of Survivor, How I Met Your Mother, Notes From The Underbelly, America’s Next Top Model, Ugly Betty and Scrubs. House, Heroes and 24 are holding out for better deals. Also, Australia’s Next Top Model makes its triumphant return. And has lost half its weight. So now we’re worried about its eating habits. Or we would be, if it hadn’t promptly reached its conclusion as well.

(If you downloaded this show and it’s missing the last ten minutes or so, it’s fixed now, though I feel obligated to tell you all you missed was Scrubs talk, and who needs that? I mean, besides Scrubs.)


2 responses to “#37 – Scorched Earth – Recorded 5-19-07

  1. I understand I lose my right to protest, having completely forgotten to do my one small weekly task regarding the podcast, but come on — last chance for a Gilmore Girls picture ever. And you go with Survivor.

  2. Hey, it’s me.

    I seem to have lost all of the post-its with my awesome show comments, so now I’m writing to say that I have nothing to say. But I do have a suggestion for some summer episodes when most things are off the air: how about a theme episode? Like lets say everyone gets caught up on the Office for the whole season and then you go through the whole thing at once. Or other shows you guys didn’t have time for? Or, you know, maybe you want some sort of life outside of this? No, that doesnt’ sound right.

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