#40 – Sleepy Time – Recorded 6-10-07

Starter WifeAfter not even a real hiatus, we’re back this week with mostly new shows to discuss. Entourage wrapped up its season (for a mere two weeks), and Hell’s Kitchen premiered. It was the first time either of us saw the show, and I think I thought Gordon Ramsey would be meaner. At least FOX’s production values matched my expectations. Hidden Palms is mysterious, though maybe not the way it’s supposed to be. Traveler is actually Prison Break and has actually gotten better since the pilot. Top Chef teased its third season with a special face-off between four members from each of the previous seasons. And then there was The Starter Wife, for which USA had better start apologizing. Speaking of, just when it seemed Studio 60 couldn’t get worse, it started calling itself S60 and aired an episode I’m never really going to be able to talk about calmly. But as if FOX knew we didn’t like ending the week on a bad note, Standoff returned. Triumphantly even.


2 responses to “#40 – Sleepy Time – Recorded 6-10-07

  1. It was very much a triumphant return of the brilliant show Standoff!

    The next episodes sound very interesting too!

    I’ll be watching tonight!

  2. Tune into Standoff tonight, it is going to be great. You can watch old episodes on http://www.fox.com/standoff.

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