#41 – Speaking of Segues… – Recorded 6-17-07

There wasn’t a lot of time for recording this week, but it didn’t matter. We were the very model of efficiency. Except for one minor misunderstanding, which, yes, is what I’m calling that. So Darwin has a new approach to On the Lot, and while it’s working for him, no one else is still watching. David Milch’s new series John From Cincinnati is kind of hard to talk about, and not just because I saw one more episode than Darwin. I’m still watching Hell’s Kitchen, but it pales in comparison to the proper return of Top Chef. Out of nowhere (or rather apparently out of England) we have the gift that is Creature Comforts. We suffered through Hour Four of The Starter Wife (only two to go!) and the second part of a three-part (!) episode of Studio 60. But then there was Matt and Emily and Emily’s belts on Standoff, lo, they were all good.


3 responses to “#41 – Speaking of Segues… – Recorded 6-17-07

  1. 1- So I sort of stumbled into Hell’s Kitchen last week, and now I watch it, although I don’t think I actually like it. It really seems mean just for the sake of mean sometimes. And I’ve seen Gordon Ramsay on a different show on the BBC where he went onto struggling restaurants and helped them to reformat and update themselves; you actually got to see the years of experience he has instead of just a stream of bleeps. And what can I say about the crazy Asian cowboy? Not much, at least until I know you’ve see this week’s show.
    2- Creature Comforts is awesome. I saw an original version of this in 1996 playing before one of the Wallace and Gromit movies down at the Ritz in Philly, and it was hilarious. I think you can netflix them. If they are as funny as I remember, or at least as funny as the current show, it’s worth the time.
    3- So You Think You Can Dance? How did I get sucked into this? But I am, and it’s good. I think because the people can dance. And one of the judges thinks like Hil (or is it the other way around?), so that’s fun.
    4- Has anyone watched the Loop on Sunday nights on FOX? I saw two episodes last night, and I think they were stupid funny. Somehow, it made me really miss It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I liked.
    5- Flight of the Conchords- awesome. Makes me wish I had HBO. Shouldn’t all tv just be free?
    6- Top Chef- still going strong. No early favorites for me yet, sadly. But not Micah.
    7- Loved the song choice! Hee.

  2. Tricia Ekenstam

    A little update on our old friend Tom:


  3. I cut the fact that I watched three episodes of The Loop out of this week’s show (#42.) But none of those three were this week’s epsiodes. The first one was pretty funny (the one with the Icelandic visitors) which I guess is why I came back for two more. But those (the falcon and the donut) were kind of terrible.

    I don’t understand why the supporting cast is a supporting cast on such a low level show, or why it goes out of it’s way to be censored, but I guess neither does anyone else since clearly it won’t be on much longer.

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