#43 – White Noise – Recorded 7-1-07

So wow. Not since the very early days of this (namely the first three episodes) has the sound been this terrible. If we had even an ounce of professionalism or an ounce of cause to feel professional, we probably wouldn’t have put this up. But we don’t, so we did. And here it is.

To add to the awfulness, I didn’t have my notes and after all the Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne lately, my memory isn’t what it used to be. Thankfully. But despite all this, if you don’t try to listen, you’ll miss the continued dissension that is HBO Sunday, the sneaky meaninglessness of Hell’s Kitchen, what my father thinks about Heartland, the overt meaninglessness of On the Lot, Traveler’s middle-of-the-roadiness, Top Chef’s disdain for middle-of-the-roadiness, the end of The Starter Wife (brought to you by Pond’s), an ultra-happy exit from Studio 60, the toothy premiere of Burn Notice, an anxiety-ridden return of DeGrassi, and Standoff. For which we’ve already used our allotment of adjectives. Plus Hilary’s controversial stance on abortion. Now that’s worth enduring a little background noise for, isn’t it?


2 responses to “#43 – White Noise – Recorded 7-1-07

  1. If anything it’s like the sound was really good… it picked up everything! Almost like we were playing a tape labeled “outdoor noises.”

  2. Maude! Famous for being the first show where someone had an abortion.

    Also, yes, totally dug the bird sounds. And the sound quality wasn’t nearly as bad as the week before.

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