#44 – What Would Kenny Luby Do? – Recorded 7-6-07

kenny.jpgProbably he wouldn’t listen to this week‘s show. But he’d respect us for doing what we had to do and for just pushing ahead, not stopping to worry about the sound quality… or voice quality in my case. The Fourth of July gave us a little break from our Wednesday shows, but the rest of our now standard summer slate still aired including John From Cincinnati, Entourage, Flight of the Conchords and Hell’s Kitchen. It’s amazing how much we have to say about On the Lot even though Darwin technically wasn’t supposed to be watching it anymore. We expected a lot of joy out of the end of-the-week shows— Burn Notice, Degrassi and Standoff—but maybe we put too much pressure on them and they started panicking. I suspect next week Psych will show them how to wrap things up as effortlessly as possible.


4 responses to “#44 – What Would Kenny Luby Do? – Recorded 7-6-07

  1. 1- Was that a Buffet cover for the end music?
    2- PTI- I really agree with your assessment of Dan LeBatard and JA Adande- Adande drives me nuts. The only parts I really enjoyed were the Reali-bashing
    2a- Does anyone listen to the podcast version of PTI? At the end, there’s an ad for some sporting goods store, and people are talking about the reason they run. This one guy’s line is “I’m trying to outrun time.” What? Seriously? And his delivery is all earnest- I can’t listen to it without laughing every time.
    3- Anyone watching any of the craziness about to debut on VH1: Rock of Love (with Bret Michaels, and seriously, the promo commercial looked awesome!), Scott Baio is 45 and Single, I Hate My 30s, or the World Series of Pop Culture? I think you watch them all!
    4- How about on Bravo? Any one up for the Parker or Flipping Out? I’m not, but maybe you all don’t have enough to watch.
    5- Hil, I’m glad you brought up the whole next food tv star thing. i’ve seen a few episodes, and they have been really fun to watch. Also, I think you should watch design star on hgtv- same premise, but with interior design. Last season’s was great- it was what Top Design should have been but wasn’t. Plus, the last one had lots of Vern Yip in it, and he’s the only former Trading Spaces person who doesn’t make me crazy.
    6- How is Greek in any way an ABC Family show? Or am I misinterpreting the name of the network? Bring back Undeclared!

  2. 3 — You know which one I’m watching.
    4 — And we have plenty to watch… way too much for summer.
    5 — I might give Design Star a shot. I really have grown attached to the Next Food Network Star, though I think part of that has to do with how interesting the behind-the-scenesness of the Food Network is.

  3. Tricia Ekenstam

    OK, so I gave in to temptation and watched the new Scott Baio show last night and it’s amazing (full disclosure: also watched the Bret Michaels show and it was terrible). Seriously, the show is so real and compelling- you should for sure watch one of the many times it’s sure to re-air this week.

  4. 1 – Like Jimmy Buffett? That’s not a serious question, right?

    2 – Haven’t listened to the podcast in a really long time. But I guess you wouldn’t have to see Adande’s annoying jerky movements that way.

    3 – I’m not. But apparently I will be.

    4 – 6 – Sort of addressed this week.

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