#46 – Pulling Up Stakes – Recorded 7-22-07

greek3.jpgSince Hilary won’t be around for a couple weeks and can’t quit TV cold turkey, she decided to exit gradually by not watching Burn Notice, the premiere of Side Order Of Life and the finale of Traveler.  Even so, there was still apparently too much leftover this week.  John From Cincinnati can’t get its act(ing) together, The Next Food Network Star can’t do a simple background check, State Of Mind can’t stop daydreaming, Entourage just can’t stop, Flight Of The Conchords can’t stop copying itself, Hell’s Kitchen can’t remember it’s a gameshow, Greek can’t possibly be this good (right?), On The Lot can’t pretend women can direct, Euerka can’t take itself seriously, Top Chef can’t maintain friendships, Mad Men can’t stop shocking us with things we already know, DeGrassi can’t stop going there, Standoff can’t even get a decent farewell from us and Psych can’t be a better way to end the week.


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