#47 – Victimology – Recorded 8-12-07

Apparently, two weeks wasn’t time enough away. Or perhaps is was too much? Either way, this week feels a little like we’re preparing our living will. But don’t allow that to impair your ability to join the discussion.

There’s a little bit of catching up to do, with the finales of DeGrassi and the beleaguered Next Food Network Star having come at an inopportune time. Saving Grace, however, couldn’t have timed things better. John From Cincinnati will have to wait another painfully pretentious week, and Damages, Eureka and Burn Notice may never be heard from again (or at all), but Entourage, Flight of the Conchords, Hell’s Kitchen, Greek, My Boys, On the Lot, Top Chef, Mad Men and Psych are all apparently important enough to make the show. And thanks to Showtime there’s Californication, which at the time felt like we were ahead of the game. But at this point, it barely qualifies as timely.


2 responses to “#47 – Victimology – Recorded 8-12-07

  1. Tricia Ekenstam

    So does this mean we’re on a break?

  2. Tricia Ekenstam

    So what else is on Sunday that you feel like you’re missing? Scott Baio, clearly.

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