#44 – What Would Kenny Luby Do? – Recorded 7-6-07

kenny.jpgProbably he wouldn’t listen to this week‘s show. But he’d respect us for doing what we had to do and for just pushing ahead, not stopping to worry about the sound quality… or voice quality in my case. The Fourth of July gave us a little break from our Wednesday shows, but the rest of our now standard summer slate still aired including John From Cincinnati, Entourage, Flight of the Conchords and Hell’s Kitchen. It’s amazing how much we have to say about On the Lot even though Darwin technically wasn’t supposed to be watching it anymore. We expected a lot of joy out of the end of-the-week shows— Burn Notice, Degrassi and Standoff—but maybe we put too much pressure on them and they started panicking. I suspect next week Psych will show them how to wrap things up as effortlessly as possible.


#43 – White Noise – Recorded 7-1-07

So wow. Not since the very early days of this (namely the first three episodes) has the sound been this terrible. If we had even an ounce of professionalism or an ounce of cause to feel professional, we probably wouldn’t have put this up. But we don’t, so we did. And here it is.

To add to the awfulness, I didn’t have my notes and after all the Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne lately, my memory isn’t what it used to be. Thankfully. But despite all this, if you don’t try to listen, you’ll miss the continued dissension that is HBO Sunday, the sneaky meaninglessness of Hell’s Kitchen, what my father thinks about Heartland, the overt meaninglessness of On the Lot, Traveler’s middle-of-the-roadiness, Top Chef’s disdain for middle-of-the-roadiness, the end of The Starter Wife (brought to you by Pond’s), an ultra-happy exit from Studio 60, the toothy premiere of Burn Notice, an anxiety-ridden return of DeGrassi, and Standoff. For which we’ve already used our allotment of adjectives. Plus Hilary’s controversial stance on abortion. Now that’s worth enduring a little background noise for, isn’t it?

#42 – Last Looks – Recorded 6-24-07

williams.jpgI’m starting to feel a bit oppressed by summer, and it’s not just the heat (despite the best efforts of the Hell’s Kitchen graphics department). Truly, it was hard to get through some of this week’s shows. Darwin and I continue to get very different things out of HBO’s Sunday night lineup of John From Cincinnati, Entourage and the new series Flight of the Conchords. But we’re united in our adoration of Creature Comforts and our… disappointment? in Heartland. All of our other summer shows—On the Lot, Traveler, Top Chef, The Starter Wife, Studio 60 and Standoff—remain as good and as bad as they ever were, which is something of a relief, I guess. Though what’s really relieving is knowing that at least two of these shows only have one more episode left.

#41 – Speaking of Segues… – Recorded 6-17-07

There wasn’t a lot of time for recording this week, but it didn’t matter. We were the very model of efficiency. Except for one minor misunderstanding, which, yes, is what I’m calling that. So Darwin has a new approach to On the Lot, and while it’s working for him, no one else is still watching. David Milch’s new series John From Cincinnati is kind of hard to talk about, and not just because I saw one more episode than Darwin. I’m still watching Hell’s Kitchen, but it pales in comparison to the proper return of Top Chef. Out of nowhere (or rather apparently out of England) we have the gift that is Creature Comforts. We suffered through Hour Four of The Starter Wife (only two to go!) and the second part of a three-part (!) episode of Studio 60. But then there was Matt and Emily and Emily’s belts on Standoff, lo, they were all good.

#40 – Sleepy Time – Recorded 6-10-07

Starter WifeAfter not even a real hiatus, we’re back this week with mostly new shows to discuss. Entourage wrapped up its season (for a mere two weeks), and Hell’s Kitchen premiered. It was the first time either of us saw the show, and I think I thought Gordon Ramsey would be meaner. At least FOX’s production values matched my expectations. Hidden Palms is mysterious, though maybe not the way it’s supposed to be. Traveler is actually Prison Break and has actually gotten better since the pilot. Top Chef teased its third season with a special face-off between four members from each of the previous seasons. And then there was The Starter Wife, for which USA had better start apologizing. Speaking of, just when it seemed Studio 60 couldn’t get worse, it started calling itself S60 and aired an episode I’m never really going to be able to talk about calmly. But as if FOX knew we didn’t like ending the week on a bad note, Standoff returned. Triumphantly even.

#39 – If It Ain’t Broke – Recorded 5/31/07

normal_04.jpg TV left us with little to do this week, so listen to this episode three or four times so it doesn’t feel as if we suddenly changed our format like one of the two shows we had to get to this week. Truly, that’s it. On The Lot and the season finale of House. Only one of which we’ll be continuing with, and it’s the one that isn’t on again until the fall. So it might not matter that we may not be able to record again for awhile. But don’t hold us to that.

#38 – Mindless Entertainment – Recorded 5-27-07

lost.jpgEverything came together beautifully for us this episode. House Guest Christine became Special Guest Christine as we forced her to sit down and discuss the Heroes season finale with us. But then, miraculously, she’d also seen the season finale of 24. And even more miraculously, she also watches Lost, which I just happened to finally catch up on… in time for the season finale. You see how this all just seemed too perfect? Darwin also sat through five episodes of Studio 60 so we could talk about its return to NBC. For only discussing about four shows, we cover a lot of ground, including a brief foray into the little question of TV’s purpose.